Synthesis 2012 > The anxiety level in Spain is very real

In Spain: the feeling of vulnerability to risk is concentrated on loss of employment, whereas feelings are mixed with regard to the social protection system

The anxiety level in Spain is very real.
In terms of risk exposure, Spaniards’ fears focus mainly on the risk of unemployment: 59% consider it to be likely.
The probability accorded to the other risks is significant but on average it is lower than the overall European average.

Their perception of protection is very mixed.
Although the Spanish level of protection (either through insurance or the State system) is slightly higher than the average of the other European countries, nearly half the Spaniards surveyed (48%) feel they are less well protected against financial risk, unemployment and precarity than they were five years ago. Anxiety is all the stronger in that unemployment has become a real cause for concern.

Overall, the anxiety level in Spain is higher than the European average. On average, Spaniards are worried about 13 of the 17 risks surveyed (compared with an average of 11 for all the countries surveyed). The level of anxiety is particularly high with regard to unemployment (64% compared with an overall average of 57%).

The anxiety level in Spain is very real.

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