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Risk is everywhere!

As well as the high anxiety levels, another striking element is the very great diversity of subjects that worry Europeans. Naturally, social and economic risks are among those that worry them most, particularly the risk of losing their financial assets (44%, placed at the top of the list) or their jobs (39%, third in the list). However, they are also very anxious about life accident risks such as hospital-acquired infections and surgical errors (40%, second in the list), road accidents (37%), attacks and burglaries (32%), food-related risks (16%) and domestic accidents (8%). Disaster risks are also a great source of anxiety: whether natural (23%), terrorist related (19%) or industrial (14%).

At the same time, the feeling of exposure to risks is extremely strong. More than half the Europeans surveyed consider they are likely to face unemployment (51%) or have a road accident (51%). Other risks are also seen as probable by more than one third of the people surveyed: attack or theft (39%), loss of financial assets (38%), computer hacking (37%) and medical accident (34%).

However, the clearest illustration of the general anxiety levels lies in Europeans’ feeling of exposure to relatively rare risks. More than a quarter of Europeans believe they are likely to be victim of a natural disaster (28%). Nearly two out of ten consider there is a real likelihood of suffering an industrial disaster (19%) or terrorist attack (18%).

Risk is everywhere!

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