Synthesis 2012 > In Poland, the feeling of exposure to risk is moderate

Poland: moderate feeling of exposure to risk, little protection but little anxiety about risk

Poland is a case apart. In terms of exposure to risk, Polish people on average feel less exposed to risk than the overall average. In this respect, Poland is less “pessimistic” than France, Greece or Italy.

If Polish people feel less exposed, it could also be because the majority consider that the protection system against social and financial risks provides the same (21%) or better 37%) protection than it did five years earlier. Once again, it should be borne in mind that the people interviewed gave their assessment of the changes over the past five years rather than the overall efficiency of the protection system. For the Polish people, the country’s economic momentum has probably been the strongest defence against socio-economic risks.

With regard to the feeling of protection itself (by insurance or State schemes), Polish people feel less protected than the overall average. This is particularly so with regard to material risks (44% say they have no protection in the case of destruction of their home compared with an overall average of 32%), social risks (63% say they are not protected against loss of employment compared with 57% overall) and health-related risks (48% say they have no protection in the event of serious illness compared with 47% overall).

Logically, they also have a more limited financial capacity to cope with potential dangers, whether related to their material situation, health or employment.

For none of the 17 risks was there a majority who considered they could cope with the financial consequences.

However, Poland is also the country with the lowest level of anxiety about risk, even though Polish people feel less well protected than the other countries. The country’s dynamic economy probably explains this. On average, Polish people are concerned about 7 risks out of a total of 17.

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