Synthesis 2012 > Poland: a country with no pronounced feeling of exposure to risk

Poland: a country with no pronounced feeling of exposure to risk, with low anxiety levels and where risk taking is probably seen as a means of gaining social status

Poland emerges as one of the countries with the most positive attitudes to risk taking. First of all,it should be noted that Poland was one of the countries with the largest number of people who considered that protection against social and financial risks continued to operate normally during the crisis, thanks in particular to the country’s dynamic economy. The feeling of exposure to risk is therefore logically lower than in other countries.

Along with Greeks, they are the people who most see risk as a stimulant (58% versus 49% overall) and consider that people must take a lot of risks if they want to succeed (61%, ahead of the Spanish and the Greeks).

Also, when asked which words they associate with the term ‘risk’, Polish respondents far more frequently answered ‘courage’ (64% versus 49% overall), ‘luck’ (43% versus 37% overall) and ‘ambition’ (35% versus 30% overall) even though ‘danger’ was also frequently cited (68% versus 70% overall).

Above all, the majority take a positive view of risk taking, in all the population categories. However, the young, the least qualified and the lowest income brackets were the categories most strongly in favour of taking risk. It is seen by the most vulnerable categories as a means of getting ahead but it is also viewed positively by the other population categories (in particularly the most qualified and highest income brackets).

La Pologne : un pays où le sentiment d’exposition est peu marqué

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