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Italy 2012

Italians feel particularly vulnerable in the present conditions

Italian feel very exposed to social and economic risks:

  • 69% of Italian respondents feel they are likely to face unemployment (versus the overall European average of 51%);
  • 52% think they are likely encounter financial difficulties (versus 38% overall).

The feeling of insecurity has spread to areas that are relatively unconnected to economic conditions:

  • 66% of respondents think they are likely to have a road accident (versus 51% overall);
  • 55% feel at risk of attack or theft (versus 40% overall)

Italians are extremely anxious about risks as diverse as suffering a physical accident (92% versus overall average of 69%) or a serious illness (92% versus 74% overall).
They feel all the more vulnerable in that they consider their protection system to be less efficient than before:

  • 73% feel they have less protection than before the crisis (versus European average of 47%);
  • On average they consider they have no protection against 14 of the 17 risks tested (compared with an average of 11 for Europe as a whole).

Italians strongly reject risk taking

Italy is one of the most ‘riskophobic’ countries in Europe:

  • 58% of Italian respondents view risk as a danger to be avoided (versus 51% overall);
  • 53% associate the word ‘irresponsibility’ with risk (versus 39% overall);
  • 73% think that to succeed one should be careful not to take too many risks (versus 56% overall).

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