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Greece 2012

Greece is one of the countries in Europe where the people feel most exposed to risk, particularly because they feel the protection mechanisms have become less efficient

A very large majority of Greeks feel extremely vulnerable to the risk of unemployment and to financial risk, far more so than elsewhere in Europe:

  • 70% believe they are likely to face unemployment (versus 51% overall)
  • 52% consider they are likely to face financial risk of loss of assets (versus 38% overall)

Compared with other Europeans, a large majority of Greeks feel less well protected:

  • 69% of Greek respondents feel less well protected against social and economic risks than before the crisis (versus 47% overall)
  • On average, they consider they have no protection against 13 of the 17 risks tested (versus the European average of 11).
  • They are particularly anxious about the risk of unemployment (70% versus 57% for Europe as a whole)

Many see risk taking as a way out of their problems

For many Greeks, risk is seen as an opportunity that should be seized in order to get ahead, even if it could mean paying a high price:

  • 77% of Greeks believe that risk is “more of a stimulant” (compared with only 49% of all Europeans
  • 68% of Greeks associate risk with “a chance” (compared with 37% for all Europeans)
  • 51% associate risk with ambition (compared with 30% overall)

Risk taking is therefore particularly highly valued in Greece

  • 80% feel that they themselves take risks (versus 70% overall)
  • 71% believe that children should be taught that they must be prepared to take risks and pay the price if they fail (versus 56% overall)

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