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Germany 2012

The German attitude to risk taking could be described as bordering on revulsion.
This is a relatively unique phenomenon in Europe in that at the same time the feeling of being protected is stronger than elsewhere, and Germans feel less exposed to risk than other Europeans.
Their view of risk is almost diametrically opposed to that of the Greeks.

Although the Germans are among the respondents who feel the least exposed and best protected, they are nonetheless very anxious.

A relatively low feeling of exposure

  • German respondents are among those who feel least exposed to risks.
  • Only 30% consider unemployment a likely risk (versus 51% overall)
  • Only 30% consider themselves likely to face financial risk of loss of assets (versus 38% overall)
  • A system of protection that is considered more efficient than on average
  • 69% of German respondents feel they equally well protected or better protected than before the crisis (compared with the European average of 53%)

A high anxiety level compared with the European average
Germans are the Europeans that manifest the highest level of anxiety with regard to life risks:

  • On average they are worried about 13/17 risks compared with a European average of 11/17.
  • 88% say they are worried about the risk of death of a household member (versus the European average of 72%)
  • 81%say they are worried about the risk of having an accident (versus 69% overall).
  • 75% say they are worried about the risk of burglary of their home (compared with the European average of 64%)

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