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Sylvia Desazars de Montgailhard

Executive officer of the ESSEC foundation, political scientist specialised in Spain

A political scientist, specialised in Spain, her country of birth, and senior lecturer at the Paris Institute of Political Science and Toulouse Le Mirail University, Sylvia Desazars de Montgailhard has been the ESSEC foundation's Executive Officer since 2012. She is a Sciences-Po graduate and holds an "agrégation", France's highest teaching diploma, in Spanish.

She also has extensive knowledge of Asia, and particularly Singapore, where she served as a cultural and scientific attaché, before overseeing work to set up campuses for INSEAD and then ESSEC.

Sylvia Desazars de Montgailhard is the author of "Madrid et le monde : les tourments d'une reconquête" (Madrid and the world: torment of a reconquest) - 2007, Autrement.

guillemet début In Spain, the sense of a loss of status is less marked than in France because the Spanish are able to make comparisons. People became rich only recently, they have only had a welfare state for a short amount of time, and the memories of earlier years are still present. So, things are put into perspective. guillemet fin

guillemet début In Spain, the main safety net faced with social risks is probably the family. This goes quite a long way: people are taking their grandparents out of nursing homes because there are families where their 900 euro pension is all they have for all of them to live on. They take them out, look after them at home and live on their grandparents’ 900 euros. But there is a real sense of people helping one another. This is all about anti-individualism. guillemet fin

guillemet début Schröder said: to reform, our governments need to get used to not being re-elected. guillemet fin

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