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Patrick Levy-Waitz

Chairman of ITG Foundation - Travailler autrement vers les nouvelles formes d’emploi

A committed business leader, Patrick Levy-Waitz is an expert in human change management, specialised in management and labour issues. He heads the specialised administration outsourcing (umbrella companies) group, ITG.

Involved in student organisations, Patrick Levy-Waitz began his professional career at a media agency. Called in to mediate with the Prime Minister in the CIP crisis, Patrick Levy-Waitz then became involved in Europe’s largest NGO, Equilibre, for which he became General Delegate in 1993.

En 1996 he joined Dynargie, an HR strategy and management consulting firm, which later merged with the Altedia group, of which he became Deputy Managing Director in 2007. In parallel, Patrick Levy-Waitz created eGoPrism and eGoPrism Talent Management, which offer management aids and assessment tools.

Patrick Levy-Waitz has written two books, “J’aime ma boite, elle non plus” (Hachette Littératures, 2006) and “Lapsus Politicus” (Les éditions du moment, 2011).

Note: recent report from Fondation ITG: “Entre entrepreneur et salarié, la Troisième voie” based on data for independent workers in nine European countries.

guillemet début Compared with other countries, you can see that Germany reforms its system on a regular basis and without difficulty. guillemet fin

guillemet début In a developed region like Europe, accidents have become increasingly rare and therefore all the more shocking, fuelling risk aversion even more. guillemet fin

guillemet début In Germany, when trade unions and employers agree on a platform, you can see how it actually works: nobody takes a risk and everybody takes one. It's a very efficient system, because nobody tries to turn back. The partners take the risk together, in a spirit of solidarity. guillemet fin

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