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Eudoxe Denis

Head of Research - Institut de l'Entreprise

After a career in the financial sector, Euxode Denis joined Institut de l’Entreprise in 2008 as assistant to the chief executive officer. In this capacity, he supervised the work of the think tank on businesses in the wake of the crisis, competitiveness of the French economy, the dual labour market and financing of higher education.

He is co-author of La Big Society contre le Big Government: réformer l’Etat après Thatcher et Blair, a report on David Cameron’s UK reforms that is due to be published at the end of January 2014.

He also set up and coordinated the counting unit for the presidential programmes during the 2012 elections.

Euxode Denis is a graduate of Essec business school.

guillemet début In the United Kingdom, when you look at the attitudes of different generations it is striking to see that the Y generation has very different expectations concerning the welfare state, who only receive the support of a third of British people born after 1979, against more than 6 in 10 people among baby boomers. guillemet fin

guillemet début People in the United Kingdom are very attached to their healthcare system - however, and this is more recent, solidarity towards persons in distress has broken down. This holds particularly true for social policies regarding unemployment, housing and family. guillemet fin

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