Since 2012, a survey of European attitudes to risk is carried out by Ipsos each year for Crédit Agricole Assurances.

Europe still bearing the marks of the crisis, although showing signs of easing

The spectre of unemployment still present but a little less of a threat

When surveyed about the risks that worry them most, Europeans no longer place unemployment in the top three. It only comes in 4th position (29%), a long way behind health risks, including the risk of losing their autonomy [...]

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A somewhat less pronounced feeling of downward social mobility

While a relative majority of Europeans still have a feeling of downward social mobility when compared to their parents at the same age (40%), this has declined significantly in relation to 2013 (-10 points). This overall [...]

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A great feeling of vulnerability, but one which is easing

While the majority of Europeans remain convinced that they run a greater risk of encountering financial difficulties (59%) or falling into job insecurity (53%) than they did 5 years ago, these feelings have eased (down by [...]

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Still just as risk averse

In the eyes of a majority of Europeans, risk-taking is still considered a danger to be avoided (60%, up 1 point on 2013). Only 40% of them would tend to see it more as a stimulus. Risk aversion remains particularly strong [...]

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There is a need to reform the system to ensure its survival

Although there are different views as to the efficiency of their respective systems, the respondents all agree as to the necessity of reform: 95% consider [...]

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Is the end of the ubiquitous Welfare State an opportunity for a new model to emerge?

In all the countries surveyed, a majority of respondents want to see the public sector/State take increased responsibility for social protection. Polish [...]

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Practices that are shifting perceptions of solidarity

When surveyed as to whether a certain number of these practices are solidarity-driven (or otherwise), Europeans do consider on the whole that they are [...]

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An exacerbated sense of vulnerability

As a consequence of the lasting crisis and increased anxieties, Europeans feel increasingly vulnerable. With regard to the 17 risks that could affect [...]

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In certain areas, ownership is no longer the dream

In 2015, owning their second home is a dream for just 35% of Europeans (against 65% who prefer to borrow or rent this type of property). In such a context, [...]

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Sweden, an absolute counter-model and the most confident country in Europe

Sweden, included in the survey for the first time this year, is a particularly interesting counter model. Swedish anxiety with regard to the 17 risks [...]

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